Easy ways to maintain a perfect lawn with dogs

Dogs are our best friends and a big part of our family, but they may not be so good for the goal of having a beautiful lawn. Below are some tips that you can use to ensure that you, your puppy and your lawn are happy.

Create a strong foundation for your grass. Fertilizer is the good way to ensure that your grass is as strong as possible. Mowing the lawn once a week in the spring, more often as needed in the summer and once a week in the fall keeps the grass at its healthiest.

Water your grass often. Brown spots occur since dogs excrete nitrogen in their urine which is broken down from the protein in their diet - and the result of this is patches of dead grass! By watering often that will help to prevent those brown grass stains.

Keep your doggie well hydrated. The more water you give the more you dilute their urine to avoid brown spots. They will love going outside more often too!

Create a potty area. Block off a corner in the back yard where they go potty. Read How to Potty Train your Dog on How to Go in One Spot for good ideas on how on how to train your dog to go in one spot.

Dogs that dig. Dogs sometimes have an instinctual digging habit. Many times this is out of boredom. For doggie diggers, make sure they are getting enough exercise so that they are tired. Set up an area with a doggie sandbox that is meant for digging. Take them to the dog park so they can dig away in a doggie sandbox. The more tired and occupied that you keep them, the less they will dig. See How to Get my Dogs to Stop Digging for more information.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more tips from Greener Fields Lawn Maintenance.


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