Bug Repelling Plants

Bugs eating you alive? Just say NO to Mosquitoes, Ticks, Aphids, and other creepy bugs! You have a right to enjoy your backyard day or night without getting eaten alive. Dual duty plants that look great and repel those pesky insects. Plant them in your backyard or in containers and say good bye to bugs.



Lavender. We love the smell, but bugs do NOT. Mosquitoes fly the other way when a lavender plant is in the area. You can also use lavender to make an oil that can be used on the skin as a bug repellent spray that smells great!

Rosemary. Not only can you make a great recipe with this fragrant herb, it can be planted in your garden in order to control mosquitoes. Like lavender, you can also add it to an oil as a bug repellent for the body. Great option for the kiddos rather than chemicals.

mosquito plant

Mosquito plant (actually a geranium). IT WORKS!

I put one of these on my deck every year and it repels mosquitoes so well we were able to sit on our deck again in the evening.


Chrysanthemums keeps mosquitoes, roaches, beetles, ticks and silverfish away. These plants are perennials, so plant them and they will come back year after year. Anything that repels those bugs are good in my book!


Petunias repel bugs that attack your garden such as aphids, beetles, tomato worms. Plant them and be sure to give them plenty of water when it's hot & sunny.

Do you know of any other bug repelling plants? Comment in the box below!

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